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Summary: Review Request: curry -  Münster Curry compiler

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(In reply to comment #10)
> Ah yes, I tried this to so that uninstalling curry and curry-debugger
> first uninstalls curry-debugger, so that the /usr/lib/curry directory
> is not left behind. This didn't work out and I simply made curry-debugger
> also own /usr/lib/curry.

This is an rpm bug; there's a ticket open on it somewhere but there are so many
rpm bugz that I can't find it right now.

> However after giving some thought to the package splitting, I would
> rather not split it after all.

I don't really think it is necessary; it was just one of the ideas I tossed out.
It's not the static+debug situation that Ralf mentioned earlier, it's just a
library with additional stuff linked in.

 Remember, this is a development system
> with an integrated debugger. A compiled binary doesn't need any runtime
> library anymore, therefore the curry package isn't needed anymore either.
> I will however accept if your insist on it.
> (In reply to comment #9)
> > Oops, I just noticed that the debuginfo package came out empty.  I don't see
> > anything being stripped and the compiler is being called with -g so I'm not 
> > sure
> > what's up here.  Perhaps it's best to just disable the -debuginfo package
> > generation.
> I will try to find what's happening.
> How is it disabled?

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