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Summary: Review Request: paps

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Just a note that most (if not all) of the code in libpaps.c is essentially
deprecated now that cairo has PS/PDF backends being enabled for FC6.  It should
be a matter of a weekend's work to get someone write a paps-like a2ps
replacement using pangocairo.

This can be fixed later of course, and the upstream author already knows about
this and may in fact do it himself.  My other concern with paps as it stands now
is its command line interface that we have to keep if we push it into Core. 
Instead of --fontscale and --family for example, it should have a single --font
that takes a Pango font description.

Such a tool can be included in Pango upstream in fact.

If there's no strong reason for having paps or a similar tool in Core for FC6, I
suggest postponing this and working on the replacement tool.

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