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Summary: Review Request: lat  (LDAP Administration Tool)

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> Not necessary (which should be evident from the fact that the package built
> successfully on the buildsystem). The dep chain is:
> gtk-sharp2 -> gnome-panel -> gnome-menus -> redhat-menus -> desktop-file-utils

The wiki should be updated then, since this is clearly stated on the Package
Guidelines as a BR.
> > Also, your creatation of the directories for '%{_datadir}/gnome/help/' &
> > '%{_datadir}/omf/' is incorrect, and needs to be fixed.  You are taking
> > ownership of the directories.  Run 'rpm -qf /usr/share/mime' & 
> > rpm -qf /usr/share/omf' to verify this yourself.
> This is deliberate.

I disagree with this suggestion.  This hasn't been common practice, and should
be forwarded to FESCO or whoever is in charge of the Packaging Guidelines (spot,
I believe) before implementing.
> > I've noticed that you seem to
> > have problems with directories ownership, and would suggest working with 
> > your
> > sponsor or a mentor to prevent this from happening on your future packages.
> What other directory ownership problems have you noticed?

Monodoc, where your taking ownership of directories (/usr/lib/mono &
/usr/lib/mono/gac) which are owned by mono-core.

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