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Summary: Review Request: conman - the console manager

------- Additional Comments From [EMAIL PROTECTED]  2006-06-21 00:04 EST -------
Okay, added 'Requires: logrotate' and figured out what was up w/the non-running 
conmand. The problem 
is that conmand exits cleanly if no CONSOLE devices are defined in 
/etc/conman.conf, meaning RETVAL 
was 0 (success), so I added a check to the initscript that will trigger a 
failure if none are present. I'll yell 
upstream and tell them this behavior is el stupido, but the initscript 
workaround should suffice for now.

I'd do that ckfsv review for you now, but it looks like someone beat me to 
it... I owe ya one. :)

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