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Summary: Review Request: phpMyAdmin - Web based MySQL browser written in php


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------- Additional Comments From [EMAIL PROTECTED]  2006-06-21 11:13 EST -------
There are minimum requirements for phpMyAdmin as per README, changing to:
Requires: webserver, php >= 4.1.0, php-mysql >= 4.1.0, php-mbstring >= 4.1.0, 
mysql-server >= 3.23.32

I also would suggest adding the following to Source2, because of rpmlint error:
E: phpMyAdmin htaccess-file /usr/share/phpMyAdmin/libraries/.htaccess

--- snipp ---
# This directory does not require access over HTTP - taken from the original
# phpMyAdmin upstream tarball
<Directory /usr/share/phpMyAdmin/libraries>
    Order Deny, Allow
    Deny from All
    Allow from None

# This configuration prevents mod_security at phpMyAdmin directories from
# filtering SQL etc.
<IfModule mod_security.c>
    <LocationMatch "/phpMyAdmin/(.+)">
        SecFilterInheritance Off
--- snapp ---

Personally I'm not happy with having phpMyAdmin restricted for localhost only. 
Of course, on the other hand I can see the security aspect, too.

Another thing is, for my personal use, I didn't allow logins at phpMyAdmin
using the "mysql" user which has normally no password. At least I changed 
authentication method to "http" to allow every mysql user a login. Just have
a look to the patch to see what I did...

Oh and there are two additional rpmlint messages:
W: phpMyAdmin incoherent-version-in-changelog
E: phpMyAdmin zero-length /usr/share/doc/phpMyAdmin-

Hm, when symlinking the configuration file, you also should add a "Options 
+FollowSymLinks" or similar to Source2, otherwise there can be a Forbidden with 
having a strict Apache configuration, IIRC.

And finally, isn't phpMyAdmin 2.8.1 latest version (as per

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