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Summary: Review Request: kdebluetooth: The KDE Bluetooth Framework

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> I know a bit about about SELinux but unfortunately I know very little about
> bluetooth. A quick glance at the attachment suggests that it's trying to look 
> in
> lots of directories (including /root, /var/spool/mail, /var/crash etc.) that I
> really don't think it has any business looking in. What's it actually supposed
> to do? Does it appear to work despite the SELinux denials?

kbluepin is just a tiny program that pops up a dialog asking for the bluetooth
pairing PIN, which the user enters in the dialog, and then spits out this pin on
stdout before exiting.  When running it as a normal user from the command line
it does exactly this, but that's useless.  In normal circumstances, the
bluetooth system (hcid) calls this program when a bluetooth device requests
pairing with a PIN, and no, as it is now, it doesn't work as it should, the
dialog doesn't appear, and the pairing eventually fails with a timeout (as it
doesn't know the PIN).  I agree, it is very odd that it is looking in so many

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