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Summary: Review Request: bugzilla - bug tracking tool

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Sorry about Comment #52, which duplicates Comment #51; got a mid-air collision
and had already re-pasted the comment and hit "save changes" before I notuced.

(In reply to comment #50)
> Pretty neat; thanks.  A couple of questions:
> Have things been worked out so that these declarations can go into the 
> bugzilla
> package, or do they still have to be pushed into the core policy?

As it stands they could go into the bugzilla package, but I'd rather a few
people tested it and then get it into the Core policy.

> Is anything special needed for the config files under /etc/bugzilla?

I tested it by following the instructions in the README.Fedora and running my
mysql on the same host. Nothing special was needed for /etc/bugzilla/localconfig

> Will Postres support require additional rules, or do the mysql rules cover it?

I expect it will need extra rules. If anyone wants to give it a try, try adding
this to bugzilla.te:


> (Note that I write "rules" because I don't know the proper terms for the 
> various
> selinux bits.)

"Rules" is fine, at least for the .te file :-)

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