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Summary: Review Request: php-pear-Mail_Mime
Alias: php-pear-Mail_Mime

------- Additional Comments From [EMAIL PROTECTED]  2006-06-27 21:03 EST -------
I have added the version dependencies for (post) and (postun), as well as
modified the defattr.  I have no problem changing the package name or owning the
Mail/ directory, but have some questions first:

I named this package using FE's guidelines for perl/cpan packages
'perl-CPANDIST' where CPANDIST is the name of the module in CPAN.  I adopted
this for pear to read 'php-pear-PEARDIST'.  Since Mail_Mime is not a sub-package
of Mail, using a '-' to delimit Mail and Mime seems misleading to me.  Mail_Mime
does not depend on Mail, but Mail-Mime looks like it might.  I'd love to change
it if you still feel the 'no underscore' rule precludes all other naming
conventions, just putting in my 0.02 :)

Also, and along the same lines, owning the Mail/ directory seems like a bad idea
to me.  Pear contains many Mail_xxx packages
(, none of which
depend on the Mail package, but (I assume) all of which place files in the Mail/
directory.  It's hard to say which of these packages should own Mail/, but we
also can't rely on Mail to own it, as one could easily have Mail_Mime installed
without installing Mail.  (For FE, we could force the Mail package to own Mail/
and then force Mail_xxx packages to require Mail even though they don't...)

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