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Summary: Review Request: ntop

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> to save some time and maybe some help :) 

Well, I regret having to say this, but, ATM, this package is quite far from
being ready for approval.

> rpmlint output:
> /home/mjk/rpmbuild/RPMS/i386/ntop-3.2-2.i386.rpm
I presume, you'll be addressing them ... ;)

> I wasn't sure if the *.so files should be split into a devel package or not. 
Well, this package applies a rather weird SONAME'ing scheme.

=> The %{_libdir}/lib*-<version>.so's should be part of the main package.
=> The %{_libdir}/lib*.so (without version inside) should be made part of a
devel package or not be installed at all. Without the package providing an API
(headers) to the libraries, installing the lib*.so's would be pointless.

=> The *.so inside of the plugin dir seem to be needed.

Finally, ... given what I see, I am not sure, I want to see this package in
Fedora :(

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