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Summary: Review Request: ogre - Object-Oriented Graphics Rendering Engine

------- Additional Comments From [EMAIL PROTECTED]  2006-07-06 18:36 EST -------
rpmlint warnings:

W: ogre-devel no-documentation
   - Can be safely ignored since docs are in a -doc subpackage.

E: ogre-devel invalid-soname /usr/lib64/
   - Not sure where this is coming from.

* Package/spec named appropriately
* GPL license ok, license file included
* spec file legible and in Am. English
* Builds on FC6-i386, FC6-x86_64, FC5-i386, FC5-x86_64
* Sources match upstream:
  6ff98b1f14ca679ceaeec00daff2ff87  ogre-linux_osx-v1-2-1.tar.bz2
* No locales
* ldconfig called correctly from %post/%postun
* Not relocatable
* RPM_BUILD_ROOT cleaned as needed
* headers, unversioned .so, and pkgconfig files in -devel subpackage
* No libtool archives
* Does not own any directories that it should not.
* No .desktop file needed

* The 'tr' trick in Source0: is cute, but my preference is to limit
  macro substitutions in Source0 to simple %{name} and %{version} only.
  Anything more complicated (like spawning subshells) becomes
  harder to read.  In this case, just hard code the version string.
* -devel subpackage should use full version in base package dependency (it
  is missing -%{release}), or add a comment why it's not needed:
  Requires: %{name} = %{version}-%{release}
* BR: flex, bison seem to be unnecessary.

* One duplicate file found:  Docs/styles.css.  This is ok, however, as it
  is needed for the docs in both the base and the -devel-doc subpackage

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