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Summary: Review Request: gnustep-make -  GNUstep makefile package

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But the autotools packages are not BuildRequired on, gnustep-make is. The
/usr/local/GNUstep folder should theoretically be part of a "filesystem" type
category package, but that would be overkill.

So, if you like, gnustep-make is also some kind of "filesystem-gnustep". And the
argument on /usr/local would apply to "filesystem", not autotools (assuming all
packages installing under /usr/local are autotooled, which is not true, but
since we're in the apples/orange business anyway, let's pass this, too ;).

I did get your point, I just don't know how to improve the situation short of
dropping the package or making it fully FHS conformant, which (currently) means
that it would become unmaintainable very soon. :/

I'll look into some more FHS vs GNUstep discussions, perhaps there is some nice
compromise somehwere, and I'm certainly open to any suggestions.

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