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Summary: Review Request: hexter-dssi - DSSI software synthesizer plugin

------- Additional Comments From [EMAIL PROTECTED]  2006-07-10 05:07 EST -------
Alright, I finally blew most of a day figuring out why qjackctl was hanging my
machines, maybe now I can finish this review. :) (kernel-2.6.17-1.2145_FC5 seems
to work so far)

For those watching at home, jack-dssi-host is not a GUI app. We can't give
hexter an icon because trying to start it without jackd running results in a
silent failure.

MUST items:

- rpmlint: Ok

$ rpmlint hexter-dssi-0.5.9-3.fc5.i386.rpm
W: hexter-dssi dangling-relative-symlink /usr/bin/hexter jack-dssi-host

Supplied by dssi.

- Package name: Ok
- Spec name: Ok
- Meets packaging guidelines: NEEDSWORK
- License: Ok
- Spec in American English: Ok
- Spec legible: Ok
- Sources match upstream: Ok
- Builds: Ok
- BuildRequires: Ok
- Locales: Ok
- ldconfig: Ok
- Relocation: Ok
- Directory ownership: Ok
- %files: Ok
- %clean: Ok
- Macros: Ok
- Code vs. Content: Ok
- Documentation: Ok
- devel package: Ok
- .desktop file: Ok


- Includes license text: Ok
- Mock build: Ok
- Builds on all archs: Built on i386, x86_64
- Package functional: Tested on i386, x86_64
- Scriptlets: Ok
- Subpackages: Ok


Source URL needs to be [...]sourceforge/dssi/[...]

Don't use %makeinstall, apparently its horribly broken. (This was news to me 


Summary could perhaps mention it's a DX7 clone. "DX7 compatible software
synthesizer plugin" or something. Also tomboy just revealed "compatible" is
spelled wrong, heh...

Put a trailing slash on "%{_datadir}/hexter" in the %files list.

Fix the two NEEDWORK before import, and this is APPROVED.

Now if you could review Rosegarden for me I'd appreciate it. :)

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