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Summary: Review Request: radiusclient-ng - RADIUS protocol client library


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------- Additional Comments From [EMAIL PROTECTED]  2006-07-11 14:28 EST -------
Both of those URLs give 404 errors, but I found the proper files in that 

Running autotools and libtoolize are generally avoided in Fedora Extras. 
However, not only does this package have an rpath problem, but DESTDIR doesn't
work in the makefile and the patches requires many fixes to various .in files
which would be much more complicated to make after configure has processed them.
 So in this case I do think it reasonable to do what you're doing.

rpmlint complains:
   E: radiusclient-ng non-readable /etc/radiusclient-ng/servers 0600
which is acceptable for a server configuration file.

Nothing seems to own /etc/radiusclient-ng; this is a blocker.

Since there's just one issue and the fix is simple, I'll go ahead and approve
and you can fix it when you check in.

* source files match upstream:
   c54eb70e964bdd22dd44b39a9b4df8ca  radiusclient-ng-0.5.2.tar.gz
* package meets naming and packaging guidelines.
* specfile is properly named, is cleanly written and uses macros consistently.
* dist tag is present.
* build root is correct.
* license field matches the actual license.
 *license is open source-compatible.  License text included in package.
* latest version is being packaged.
* BuildRequires are proper.
* Compiler flags are appropriate.
* %clean is present.
* package builds in mock (development, x86_64).
O rpmlint has only ignorable complaints.
* debuginfo package looks complete.
* final provides and requires are sane:
   config(radiusclient-ng) = 0.5.2-2.fc6
   radiusclient-ng = 0.5.2-2.fc6
   config(radiusclient-ng) = 0.5.2-2.fc6

   radiusclient-ng-devel = 0.5.2-2.fc6
   radiusclient-ng = 0.5.2-2.fc6

   radiusclient-ng-utils = 0.5.2-2.fc6
   radiusclient-ng = 0.5.2-2.fc6

* %check is not present; no test suite upstream.
* shared libraries are present; ldconfig is called and unversioned .so files are
in the -devel subpackage.
* package is not relocatable.
X owns the directories it creates (/etc/radiusclient-ng).
* doesn't own any directories it shouldn't.
* no duplicates in %files.
* file permissions are appropriate.
* scriptlets present are OK (calls to ldconfig)
* code, not content.
* documentation is small, so no -docs subpackage is necessary.
* %docs are not necessary for the proper functioning of the package.
* headers are in the -devel subpackage.
* no pkgconfig files.
* no libtool .la droppings.
* not a GUI app.

APPROVED, just make sure you own /etc/radiusclient-ng.

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