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Summary: gutenprint

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(In reply to comment #12)
>   Will check perl thing in gutenprint package.I have already created package
> with Obsoletes and updates files are as
> SPEC file:
> SRPM file:

You're still not using the package split suggested in the upstream README file.
Why not?

> If its not allowed to obsolete core packages then i can revert back changes in
> SPEC. Also why not to package 
> %{_libdir}/gimp/*/plug-ins/print
> under gutenprint?

I didn't include this file because you didn't include it in your original
package. The reason you didn't include it is probably because you missed the
buildreq of gimp-devel, so it didn't get built. I think it actually belongs in a
separate subpackage. See the README file again.

> Why mock build did not give any dependency error for both perl packages but
> while installing final binary rpm it asked for perl-PerlMenu as well as
> perl-Curses ?

mock will help you to find build-time dependencies (BuildRequires). It doesn't
help with runtime dependencies (Requires). The perl modules are only needed at
runtime, not build-time.

Did you find out where these dependencies are coming from?

(In reply to comment #13)
> But i solved dependency problem using perl-PerlMenu package and you have asked
> me to add perl(perlmenu) module package?
> What is correct package then?

I believe it's using this:

The upstream name for this is all lower case.

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