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Summary: Review Request: dbus-sharp

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On the first point - this is just something I copied from the old dbus package.
 I assume on 64bit archs everything is still installed into /usr/lib but the pc
file needs to be installed into /usr/lib64.  I would ask Alex who packaged Mono
but he is on vacation right now.

On the second point %_libdir/pkgconfig is the correct place to put pc files.

Third point (.pc in devel) I'll fix that.

On the fourth point as I said in the initial comment, there is no URL because
this package has not been released.  It is a streight build from the git repo. 
If it were up to me wouldn't even be packaging this but mono apps need it for 

Fifth point (dist tag) I'll add it

On the sixth point I just picked that up from the old spec file.  Does that
define all of our arch's?  Not sure why it was still there.

Fouth point (.pc in devel) I'll fix that.

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