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Summary: Review Request: mutagen - Python module to handle audio metadata

------- Additional Comments From [EMAIL PROTECTED]  2006-07-20 19:32 EST -------
Note: it's nice to the reviewers if you generate a new src.rpm with each change
you make to your spec.  That way it's simple to just pull down the new package
and build it.

You seem to have tickled a new rpmlint warning:
  W: mutagen mixed-use-of-spaces-and-tabs
This happened because you indented "noarch" with a tab.  Not a big deal but that
means it's easy to fix.

More serious is the name of the package: according to the naming guidelines this
package should be named python-mutagen.  See

There's no need to pass CFLAGS to since this is a noarch package.

This package seems to have a test suite, but you don't call it.  You should
consider adding a section like:

%{__python} coverage

Finally, note that if you disagree with me about the necessity of any of these
issues I've raised, let me know why you think my reasoning is bogus and we'll
discuss it.

* source files match upstream:
   9ce5d5f14e02f2eabd919d6bdaebadbc  mutagen-1.5.1.tar.gz
X package meets naming and packaging guidelines (should be called 
X specfile is properly named, is cleanly written and uses macros consistently.
(looks good but should be named python-mutagen.spec).
* dist tag is present.
* build root is correct.
* license field matches the actual license.
* license is open source-compatible.  License text included in package.
* latest version is being packaged.
* BuildRequires are proper.
X No need to pass compiler flags for noarch packages.
* %clean is present.
* package builds in mock (development, x86_64).
X rpmlint is silent (spaces and tabs thing)
* noarch package; no debuginfo.
* final provides and requires are sane:
   mutagen = 1.5.1-4.fc6
   python(abi) = 2.4
X %check is not present but there is a test suite.
* no shared libraries are present.
* package is not relocatable.
* owns the directories it creates.
* doesn't own any directories it shouldn't.
* no duplicates in %files.
* file permissions are appropriate.
* no scriptlets present.
* code, not content.
* documentation is small, so no -docs subpackage is necessary.
* %docs are not necessary for the proper functioning of the package.
* no headers.
* no pkgconfig files.
* no libtool .la droppings.
* not a GUI app.

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