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Summary: Review Request: kdeadmin: Administrative tools for KDE

------- Additional Comments From [EMAIL PROTECTED]  2006-07-21 07:39 EST -------
> * Missing dependancy on update-desktop-database for %postun (package
> desktop-file-utils)

Last I knew, ScriptletSnippets said not to add any (new) dependancies for this.

> * The package contains libtool archive files (*.la)

The ones included here are required.

> Many of the desktop files don't follow the ... packaging guidelines

I refer you to the comment in the specfile (:  
# FIXME/TODO: get dfi to shut-the-hell-up about KDE's *valid/legit* use of 
# Keywords= and use of invalid characters... bah. -- Rex

> * Duplicate BuildRequires: bzip2-devel (by kdelibs-devel)

kdeadmin *directly* uses/requires bzip2-devel(1), so relying upon implicit deps
of other packages is bad/unwise.

(1) OK, not directly, but is needed because rpm-devel currently lacks
Requires: bzip2-devel

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