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Summary: Review Request: perl-POE-Component-IRC

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(In reply to comment #9)
> I think the point is that you can't specify --with arguments when doing 
> testing
> from within a normal CVS checkout with "make build" or "make mockbuild".  
> Which
> indeed seems to be correct, but not really something that troubles me.  It
> should be possible to add a bit to the Makefile to have "make build" pass the
> flags to rpm; doing it in mock seems to be right out.

Yah.  The intention was never to pass it into mock (or the buildsys for that
matter), but just to make it easy on one's own box, without monkeying with the
toolset.  Also, setting it in ~/.rpmmacros didn't seem to be too bad a
compromise to me, as there are a number of other packages that I maintain that
could benefit from the same "conditional testing" -- and I'll almost always want
to run those tests for local builds.

> Chris's solution allows you to edit your .rpmmacros to set the flags and still
> use "make build".  Seems reasonably unsavory to me as well, especially since 
> it
> broke my build.  I'd be surprised if it makes it through the buildsystem.  I
> realize I wasn't very clear at all when I reviewed the package; my intention 
> was
> to ensure that you removed that bit or came up with an alternate that would
> actually work in mock before you checked it in.  As it is, I don't think the
> package will make it through the buildsys.

Just to be clear, it was never going to be submitted to the buildsys as is. 
(Much as none have ever been submitted with a release of "0".)

And, as it stands, a happy marriage of the two works...  Leave
__with_network_tests defined in ~/.rpmmacros or at the command line (or
undefined, for that matter), and change the conditional test to:

%{?__with_network_tests: make test}

This allows the build to succeed, with or without __with_network_tests defined
(the original intent, as it were).

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