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Summary: Review Request: BackupPC - high-performance backup system

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FWIW, a few comments:
- The latest spec is for Release 4.  The download area seems to contain a binary
rpm for this release, but not a src rpm.
- In order to set up ssh keys, the admin must (I think) change the backuppc user
to have a shell, set up ssh, and then change back to /sbin/nologin.  Not sure if
there's a way around this, but you might want to document this.
- You might want to include upstream patch BackupPC-2.1.2pl2.diff (which is
needed to work with the latest versions of rsync).  It also fixes other bugs.
- perl-File-RsyncP-0.62-1.src.rpm wouldn't compile for me on an up-to-date
x86_64 FC5.  0.52 is OK.


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