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Summary: Review Request: freeglut

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> 4.  Optional.  Be careful about the Obsoletes/Provides.  It seemingly 
> Obsoletes
> itself using:
> Obsoletes: glut <= 3.7
> Provides:  glut  = 3.7
> maybe use something safer like:
> Obsoletes: glut < 3.7-%{release}
> Provides:  glut = 3.7-%{release}
> (and likewise for the Ob/Pr for glut-devel)
> Or heck, drop the glut Obsoletes/Provides bits altogether, isn't glut pretty
> much ancient history anyway?  (:
Nope, glut isn't ancient history. freeglut is an alternative to/replacement for

Therefore packages using GLut often Requires: glut-devel, because they depend on
a package providing a Glut API and do not depend on freeglut/freeglut-devel.

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