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Summary: Review Request: auriferous - Game inspired by the classic Loderunner

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> (In reply to comment #2)
> > * Consider moving %{_datadir}/auriferous to a -data subpackage
> Unless upstream has the data in a seperate package too that is a useless
> exercise, since any bugfixes to the engine part will require a rebuild of the
> SRPM and thus will result in a new data subpackage packages too, so a user 
> doing
> a yum update will still download all the unchanged data files along with the
> bugfixed engine. I wouldn't mind a solution for this, but as is creating a 
> data
> subpackage and then Requiring it from the main package has no advantages.

You could package them with two different spec files that share the same
tarball.  In theory this should work, but I haven't tried it out myself yet.  In
any case, this isn't a blocker.

> > =====
> > * The display size is slightly larger than my 800x600 setup, making it
> >   somewhat awkward.  I didn't see any in-game options to change the display
> >   size, is that possible?
> I've taken a look and everything is hardcoded to 1024x768 using pixel
> coordinates, so I'm afraid I cannot (with reasonable effort) fix this.

It might be good to document this somewhere, either in %description, %doc, or
with an in-game warning.

> > * What's the difference between playerr.png in the tarball and your
> >   modified playerr.png?
> My version adds one additional column of transparant pixels to the right 
> (gimp),
> upstream it is one column to small causing memory curruption (clanlib really
> should complain, but instead it accesses random memory). It took me quite a 
> bit
> of time to hunt this down.

Ouch.  Perhaps you could add a short comment above Source1: in the spec about 

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