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Summary: Review Request: slab

------- Additional Comments From [EMAIL PROTECTED]  2006-07-31 15:15 EST -------
Worked on it a littlebit more and its getting damned close to being truely
'usable', its even made my own panel perminently now :-)

All the buttons work as expected now, recent documents, places, application
browser, control-center, help, add&remove programs, etc ...

Changes and patches (8 now so far, but not done yet :-))

* Mon Jul 31 2006 Chris Chabot <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>- 1.0-5.20060721cvs
- Shortend .desktop install a bit
- Fixed (build)requires, gtk1 isn't required
- s/recent apps/places patch
- Patched menu names (s/install software/add&remove/, s/logout/exit/).
- Patched menu logo to distributer's logo.
- Patched menu name to "Slab main menu" (temporary to avoid confusion)
- Patched control-center.c to use instead of
- Patched schema to use fedora's apps for actions
- Patched application browser context menu to hide unused actions

To be honest i wouldn't mind taking over this package, or co-maintaining it with
you Parag, i love trying to make Fedora more user friendly, and this seems like
a worthwhile endevour to help to work on this, plus i'm starting to feel quite
'familiar' with its inner workings after so much patching :-)

Anyhow let me know how you feel about this please, i would hate to step on
anyone's toe's, but i'd also love to give my best to make sure slab in fedora
becomes a very usable tool :-)

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