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Summary: Review Request: psycopg2 - A PostgreSQL database adapter for Python

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> Regressions:
> * The package is not licensed under the LGPL.  The details are in the
>   LICENSE file.  The package is GPL with exceptions only for libpq and 
> openssl.

Done. Please ignore the rpmlint warning about license.
> * The build is now broken on x86_64 because you've switched from the sitearch
>   macro to the sitelib macro.  Since psycopg builds and installs a compiled,
>   shared object, not just python scripts and bytecode, the whole thing will
>   install into the sitearch directory (/usr/lib64/ on x86_64).  Reverting to
>   the python_sitearch macro will solve this.

Ok. Could you please re-check it now?
> Unresolved:
> * Zope database adapter.  The Zope package in Extras creates the Products
>   directory as: /var/lib/zope/Products  Does that help?

A lot. It now has a -zope package.

I'll post spec and srpm URL as another comment...

Regards, Devrim

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