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Summary: gfs-kmod


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rpmlint is not silent. I got following errors on SRPM

W: gfs-kmod summary-not-capitalized gfs kernel modules
Summary doesn't begin with a capital letter.

==> Summary information must start with capital letter

E: gfs-kmod no-changelogname-tag
There is no %changelog tag in your spec file. To insert it, just insert a
'%changelog' in your spec file and rebuild it.

==>Add chnagelog to SPEC file

W: gfs-kmod strange-permission kmodtool 0755
A file that you listed to include in your package has strange
permissions. Usually, a file should have 0644 permissions.

==> Change permissions of kmodtool to 0644 and then build package

E: gfs-kmod invalid-spec-name gfs-kernel.spec
Your spec filename must end with '.spec'. If it's not the case, rename your
file and rebuild your package.

==> You have not followed kernel module packaging guidelines. Go thru' Kernel module package and
 SPEC name must start with %{kernel_module_name}-kmod

E: gfs-kmod configure-without-libdir-spec
A configure script is run without specifying the libdir. configure
options must be augmented with something like --libdir=%{_libdir}.

==> Add libdir to configure script

Also you need to specify here why this kernel module is not in main kernel
source tree yet and when will be it added to main kernel source tree?

Also there is no gfs-kmod-common package you added to bugzilla. 

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