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Summary: Review Request: hylafax

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> 1. Somebody has to review this package. As I'm not a sponsor and it's Lee's
> first and most likely only package, I'm not allowed to do the review. Also I
> don't think it's a good idea to review a package I'm planing to maintain.
> 2. Lee needs a sponsor. Thorsten, can you please sponsor him? I promise to 
> keep
> an eye on his commits ;)

Can you do the review as well? Then I'll take a last quick look and sponsor him
and we both keep an eye on his commits ;-)

> 3. We need an official co-maintainership policy for extras. I know you and 
> are working on it, but AFAIK there's nothing official yet. Please correct me 
> if
> I'm wrong.

Well, it's in the works but it's a huge task and even the minimal stuff (the
initial CC-list from owners.list) currently doesn't work properly. But that
hopefully gets fixed soon

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