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Summary: Review Request: vtk - The Visualization Toolkit - A high level 3D 
visualization library

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> OK, I can't test that at the moment only external rpmlint application is
> possible for me.

It is not a blocker, it is just an information that something could
be ameliorated upstream (and there may be portability issues, but
that's not our problem).

> But that sounds like an rpmlint bug the more. The output should be the same
> whether applied on an external package or on an installed one.

No, it can't. Basically rpmlint invokes "ldd -d -r" on libs.

> Did you invoke an example on rawhide? Did the executable puke on missing sqrt?
> That would display whether the rpmlint error is flase or not.

If I recall well, on fedora the weak symbols don't break executables, 
but prelinking is less efficient.

> It looks strange, but for the pupose of the review I wouldn't invest more time
> into understanding latest rawhide and rpmlint changes. FWIW I'm rebuilding all
> of ATrpms with a disttag of fc5.91 for test2. Maybe it makes a difference, 
> let's
>  see.

I guess it won't, but as I said above it is just a remark.

Ville explains all that here:

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