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Summary: Review Request: gutenprint: Printer Drivers Package

------- Additional Comments From [EMAIL PROTECTED]  2006-08-08 09:23 EST -------
ok I have updated package
Spec URL:

I need review for this package. I have not donr any work on --disable-static
issue as i need suggestions on that issue.

* Wed Aug 09 2006 Parag Nemade <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>- 5.0.0-0.7
- Moved /usr/share/gutenprint/doc to %doc of main rpm and devel rpm 
- Additionally added API documents for gutenprint and gutenprintui2

* Tue Aug 08 2006 Parag Nemade <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>- 5.0.0-0.6
- Added cups-genppdupdate.5.0 at post section
- Splitted gutenprint main rpm for separate languages

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