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Summary: Review Request: dircproxy - IRC proxy server

------- Additional Comments From [EMAIL PROTECTED]  2006-08-09 23:17 EST -------
Whew!  ok :)

1. It appears to me that this proxy can be run as a non-root user and still be
able to do everything needed except use the "switch_user" command.  (Read
another way, it looks like you only need to run dircproxy as root if you want
to use "switch_user".)  Let's find a way to have this service start up as a
non-root user by default (perhaps just "nobody" as README.identd suggests).

It would seem to make sense to patch /etc/init.d/dircproxy to read values from
/etc/sysconf/dircproxy (as other init scripts do) to determine what user to
run under, etc.

2. The release tag here, as this is a beta package, should be something like:


Where x is the actual release.  (On coming out of beta, it should start being
the normal "x%{?dist}".)  See wiki - Packaging/NamingGuidelines.

3. rpmlint emits two warnings -- both of these are easy enough to fix.

+ package meets naming and packaging guidelines.
+ specfile is properly named, is cleanly written and uses macros consistently.
+ dist tag is present.
X release tag doesn't meet naming guidelines.
+ build root is correct.
+ license field matches the actual license.
+ license is open source-compatible.  License text included in package.
+ source files match upstream:
+ latest version is being packaged.
+ BuildRequires are proper.
+ package builds in mock (fc5/x86_64).
X rpmlint is silent.
[EMAIL PROTECTED] dircproxy]$ rpmlint dircproxy-1.2.0-0.beta.1.fc5.src.rpm
W: dircproxy mixed-use-of-spaces-and-tabs
[EMAIL PROTECTED] x86_64]$ rpmlint dircproxy-1.2.0-0.beta.1.fc5.x86_64.rpm
W: dircproxy wrong-file-end-of-line-encoding
+ final provides and requires are sane:
 ** dircproxy-1.2.0-0.beta.1.fc5.x86_64.rpm
 == provides
 config(dircproxy) = 1.2.0-0.beta.1.fc5
 dircproxy = 1.2.0-0.beta.1.fc5
 == requires
 config(dircproxy) = 1.2.0-0.beta.1.fc5
+ no shared libraries are present.
+ package is not relocatable.
+ owns the directories it creates.
+ doesn't own any directories it shouldn't.
+ no duplicates in %files.
+ file permissions are appropriate.
+ %clean is present.
O %check is not present, but there are no tests defined
O scriptlets look sane, and conform to ScriptletSnippets
+ code, not content.
+ documentation is small, so no -docs subpackage is necessary.
+ %docs are not necessary for the proper functioning of the package.
+ no headers.
+ no pkgconfig files.
+ no libtool .la droppings.
+ not a GUI app.
+ not a web app.

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