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--- Comment #3 from Patrick Dignan <>  2009-01-06 
16:42:49 EDT ---
Ok, updated the package.  

- I tested it in mock for fedora-devel-i386, and it works fine now, I hadn't
set the location for jni.h properly for the to build.

- I had those set because I saw it in an example, but it seems quite useless in
retrospect, since I can just use %name and %version

- Fixed the licensing issue

- Changed to full upstream URL

- Removed the Vendor item

- Added jpackage-utils to both BuildRequires and Requires

- Removed libpcap as a BuildRequire

- I used "Autoreq: 0" because upstream had done so in their RPM spec file
(which was nowhere near current Fedora spec)

- Added an rm -f statement to the %prep which removes the jarfiles and .so
pre-built in the upstream tarball

- Changed to %defattr(-,root,root,-)

- Now uses install -D which should fix the permissions

I uploaded new versions here:

Spec File:
Source RPM:

The originals are now moved to and

Thank you for the review, I look forward to your forthcoming comments.

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