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--- Comment #4 from Stuart D Gathman <>  2009-01-07 22:47:25 
EDT ---
- Removed age support (Note, I still support aix4.1 and RH7.3, but can keep
those off the main trunk)

- I like to put macros like %version at the top where they are easily changed. 
However, that is not needed in this case - so they are now removed.

- I did follow the sourceforge hosting instructions.  Oh - Fedora doesn't like
the shortcut.  Fixed.

 * added BuildRequires: ed
 * the whole point of this package is the C module.  It builds for me on Fedora
9 (and RH5.2 and RH7.3 and AIX4.1).  I guess I need to learn to use this koji
thing now to see the problem for myself.  I followed the koji link you
provided, and it is for a mrpt package, not pymilter.  However, I see that the
failure is for Fedora 11, so I assume that the build failed for Fedora 11. 
This is almost certainly due to libmilter.a.  I've had to file that bug for
RH73, and Centos4 and Centos5.  I guess it isn't obvious to the sendmail
packagers that libmilter is very often used in dynamically loaded modules (for
Perl, Python, and other scripting languages).  But I can only test on F9 at the

- I added %dir %{python_sitelib}/Milter and %dir %{libdir} so that directories
under sitelib are owned correctly.

- Hmm, the "" file is not a config file per se.  It is a glue file that
it is sometimes useful for an admin to be able to modify and not have updates
wipe out his changes.  It really doesn't belong in etc.  If it is really a
problem, I will simply remove the %config tag for Fedora.  Note that this
package doesn't have any config files, and the glue file is for the
convenience of applications that use the pymilter library.  What is really
needed is a python module to "run as a service" with pid file, etc.

New SRPM is:

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