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Summary: Review Request: frozen-bubble - Frozen Bubble arcade gam

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(In reply to comment #7)
> I've seen python programs work with python libraries that don't live in
> %{python_sitearch} and figured that perl could work the same way.
I know I'vr actually done that with python programs. I think perl can do this
too, but don't ask how.

> But if that's
> a problem, then a Provides: filter should be fine.

Its a problem as I lack the nescesarry knowledge to make this happen, so I've
added a provides filter. Notice that this filter does not filters out the provides, even though that is private too, as moving the
perl stuff to an other dir wouldn't have removed that provides.

This has made me thinking many packages have .so's which are mean't as plugins
not as libraries and which thus are kinda private, yet these files are currently
listed in the autogenerated provide lists, which doesn't seem entirely correct?


Erm, I just tried installing the version with the filtered provides and that
gives me the following error:
error: Failed dependencies:
        perl(FBLE) is needed by frozen-bubble-1.0.0-8.x86_64
        perl(fb_c_stuff) is needed by frozen-bubble-1.0.0-8.x86_64
        perl(fb_stuff) is needed by frozen-bubble-1.0.0-8.x86_64
        perl(fbsyms) is needed by frozen-bubble-1.0.0-8.x86_64

So I think that filtering the provides is a bad idea, I think/hope that these
provides will even be generated with the perl stuff in another dir, because I'm
pretty sure the deps will still be generated since those come from the main
script. So I think that filtering them is a bad idea, and we will just have to
leave things as they are.

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