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--- Comment #2 from Darryl L. Pierce <>  2009-01-17 09:20:10 
EDT ---
No license file is included in the .gem. Can you ask the upstream to put a
COPYING or LICENSE file into the gem? Not a negative on the review, but a
suggestion for upstream if you could pass it along.

In the spec the file hoe.rb is deleted. Is this package dependant on hoe? You
should add rubygem(hoe) as a dependency.

The install target directory used is the relative path "./" rather than
%{buildroot} macro. Please fix that.

Perhaps I'm misreading, but I don't see where the RPM claims to own
%{geminstdir}, instead it just lists the contents of that directory. Can you
make it more explicit?

For the subpackage ruby-nokogiri, the Requires: does not match the packaging
guidelines: the guideline says the non-gem should require "rubygem(%{name})",
but the spec file has "%{name}". Please fix that.

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