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--- Comment #1 from Orcan 'oget' Ogetbil <>  2009-01-17 
21:07:17 EDT ---
This pretty much has the same issues with libXinerama. I just copied/pasted the
same bits from that review. Note that there are a few differences (the last two

* Summary and especially the description are bizarre. Can you update them. You
can find these on the manpage:
   DMX - X Window System DMX (Distributed Multihead X) extension

   The DMX extension provides support for communication with and control of
   server.  Attributes of the Xdmx server and of the back-end screens attached
   the server can be queried and modified via this protocol.

* rpmlint says
   libdmx.src:18: W: unversioned-explicit-obsoletes XFree86-libs
   libdmx.src:18: W: unversioned-explicit-obsoletes xorg-x11-libs
   libdmx.src:32: W: unversioned-explicit-obsoletes XFree86-devel
   libdmx.src:32: W: unversioned-explicit-obsoletes xorg-x11-devel
   libdmx.x86_64: E: zero-length /usr/share/doc/libdmx-1.0.2/README
   libdmx.x86_64: E: zero-length /usr/share/doc/libdmx-1.0.2/AUTHORS
   libdmx.x86_64: W: obsolete-not-provided XFree86-libs
   libdmx.x86_64: W: obsolete-not-provided xorg-x11-libs
   libdmx-devel.x86_64: W: obsolete-not-provided XFree86-devel
   libdmx-devel.x86_64: W: obsolete-not-provided xorg-x11-devel
The zero-length files are obviously not needed so they should be removed. The
obsoletes look very problematic. Can you fix those (or alternatively explain
them in the SPEC file as comments)?

* BR: libXau-devel is not needed. Afaict it is not used.

* BRs: libX11-devel pkgconfig and xorg-x11-proto-devel are not needed. They
will be picked up by libXext-devel

* Packages containing pkgconfig(.pc) files must 'Requires: pkgconfig' (for
directory ownership and usability). This applies to the devel package.

! Try to make use of the %{name} macro (e.g. files sections).

* Do we need this line?
   #%dir %{_mandir}/man3x

* There is no "make" command in the SPEC file. The "make" is done via "make
install" which is not good. Please add a parallel "make" .

Adding Adam and Matthias to the CC since they were the last known maintainers.
Sorry if this was not desired.

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