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--- Comment #25 from Nicolas Chauvet (kwizart) <>  2009-01-22 
08:20:57 EDT ---
Sorry for the late answear, I've hit #475283 which prevented me to have a
system ready for packaging.

I've implemented the comments from Dan in #23, few notes:
- The main package should be multilibs compliant so I've splitted the bin and
python (which are mono-arches) and have them required by the main.
- NetworkManager plugin is merged back in the main package since dbus-libs
which it depends on is not much.
- Enabled all plugins by default at build time
- Add virtual Requires on %{name}-pac (EV) which are provided (EVR) by mozjs
and webkit. We only requires on Epoch:Version to let open for another package
to provides that capability

Spec URL:

I plan to import libproxy to F10 and devel soon; unless that still needs

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