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--- Comment #12 from David Timms <>  2009-01-25 01:17:53 EDT 
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> Is it not an option to create an installation instructions document on the
> wiki, 
Well there is enough 3-4 page documents. The point with packaging is to make it
perhaps as easy as:
1. yum install vmware-requirements
2. yum -C localinstall /downloads/vmware-server*1.0.8.rpm

> or propose for the VMware website, that states the packages you need to
> install on x86_64 / i386 before installing VMware (server)?
Sure it would be great if vmware:
- packaged the two free to use apps specifically for fedora (an os that they do
not support - at all)
- at least open sourced / GPLd the vmware-server-console app so that it can be
included in distributions.

(In reply to comment #11)
> I use VMWare a lot but I do have a hard time seeing this making it into Fedora
> even if brought to FeSCO. David 
Well, some individuals have rejected having this helper package on a few
grounds, none of whom are able to reference a part of the "Packaging
Guidelines" that it runs foul of. The other suggestion of using comps groups
has the issue that it can not work in this case on x86_64. Also, there is major
changes beginning development that would make comps groups essentially go away,
to be replaced with on-the-fly-built metapackages that achieve mostly the same

I was reminded that the Fedora Community make Fedora a possibility. Do we want
this package in Fedora ? Let me suggest that to force the resolution of the
issue, perhaps it is simplest for a sponsored reviewer to review the package.
If no packaging problems are found, accept the package. Once either cvs or
builds are requested, this might cause some opened eyes and lead to a FeSCO
discussion / decision, if anyone cares enough to reject it...

> I think it would be more productive to package this for RpmFusion
That is the last resort, and we need to confirm that there is no possibility of
the package being accepted into Fedora proper first, with an actual reason why
not. (That is the first question that an RPM Fusion reviewer would ask - why
can't it be in Fedora ?).

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- add missing server requires of files from pam.i386

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