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--- Comment #11 from Patrick Dignan <>  2009-01-25 
04:36:08 EDT ---
Alright, I've looked at his spec file and patches, and mostly the changes look
good to me.  One thing I'm going to try is using sed instead of this code:

if [ "$1" = 0 ] ; then
    if [ -f %{_sysconfdir}/shells ] ; then
        TmpFile=`/bin/mktemp %{_tmppath}/.jk_chrootshrpmXXXXXX`
        grep -v '^%{_sbindir}/jk_chrootsh$' %{_sysconfdir}/shells > $TmpFile
        cp -f $TmpFile %{_sysconfdir}/shells
        rm -f $TmpFile

I'll test something like

sed 's:^%{_sbindir}/jk_chrootsh$::g' %{_sysconfdir}/shells

but I'm not sure if that would make sed a BuildReq, if so I'd just stick with
Dale's implementation.  

Other than the %preun %post %postun and the accompanying patches, his spec is
pretty much the same as mine (or at least provides the same functions).  So
I'll add those things to mine and test it tomorrow hopefully.

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