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--- Comment #7 from Richard W.M. Jones <>  2009-01-28 05:26:36 
EDT ---
Although application programs are excluded from the MinGW project,
we do ship the occasional Win32 binary if it would be useful for
testing, development or debugging.  Examples include:

- openssl.exe (so developers and end users can debug certificates)
- certtool.exe (for the same reason)
- worms.exe (useful demo program which can be used to find out if
   all the components leading up to the windows console are working)

In this case, I don't think any of those binaries are useful for
this purpose, so they should be excluded.  The following excludes
them, and also includes Levente's patch from comment 6.

Spec URL:

* Wed Jan 28 2009 Richard W.M. Jones <> - 6b-8
- Exclude the binaries.
- Rename the binaries to *.exe (Levente Farkas).

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