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--- Comment #5 from Orcan 'oget' Ogetbil <>  2009-01-28 
11:48:53 EDT ---
Thanks for the explanation.
So I can't to do a test to evaluate the software but I could do a generic
package review since it is a simple one.
There is one minor issue and a few suggestions. Let me know whenever you update
the package so we can close the bug.

* rpmlint says
  prctl.src:22: W: setup-not-quiet
You need to use 
  %setup -q

! no disttag. I think it could be better to have a disttag to avoid
incompatibilities between the binaries produced by different versions of the
compiler. What do you think?

! The patch is trivial. I don't think it is necessary to submit upstream. It
would be nice though.

! You can make use of the %{name} macro a little more frequent

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