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--- Comment #12 from Debarshi Ray <>  2009-01-28 15:39:45 
EDT ---
(In reply to comment #11)


> - fold %dir entries in %files, as suggestde by Jochen
> - maybe fold 3 consecutive %doc lines into 1 ?

Merely personal preferences as I explained earlier (comment #3).

> - devel package gtk-doc Require not necessary (is pulled in by gtk2-devel
> anyways)

That is true, but I had explicitly mentioned it because libchamplain installs
files in directories owned by gtk-doc and it serves as a kind of reminder.

Hope you do not mind. :-)

> - devel package Require on clutter-devel won't be necessary for F-11

Fixed. Could not test this because my Fedora 10 machine broke down, and
libchamplain does not build on Fedora 9.

> Otherwise package looks good. Demo code "launcher.c" won't compile as-is
> because it unnecessarily include "config.h", probably should notify upstream
> about that. If you have time, can you sed out that line from it ?

Fixed. Will notify upstream also.

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