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--- Comment #2 from Parag AN(पराग) <>  2009-02-04 03:55:32 
EDT ---
+ package builds in mock (rawhide i386).
koji Build =>
+ rpmlint is silent for SRPM and for RPM.
+ source files match upstream url
bad27502bda4377fa6e7e39602b82aab  Test-Unit-Lite-0.1101.tar.gz
+ package meets naming and packaging guidelines.
+ specfile is properly named, is cleanly written
+ Spec file is written in American English.
+ Spec file is legible.
+ dist tag is present.
+ build root is correct.
+ license is open source-compatible.
+ License text is included in package.
+ %doc is present.
+ BuildRequires are proper.
+ %clean is present.
+ package installed properly.
+ Macro use appears rather consistent.
+ Package contains code, not content.
+ no headers or static libraries.
+ no .pc file present.
+ no -devel subpackage
+ no .la files.
+ no translations are available
+ Does owns the directories it creates.
+ no scriptlets present.
+ no duplicates in %files.
+ file permissions are appropriate.
+ make test gave
All tests successful.
Files=2, Tests=54,  1 wallclock secs ( 0.03 usr  0.00 sys +  0.66 cusr  0.02
csys =  0.71 CPU)

+ Package perl-Test-Unit-Lite-0.1101-1.fc11 =>
Provides: perl(Test::Unit::Debug) perl(Test::Unit::HarnessUnit)
perl(Test::Unit::Lite) = 0.11 perl(Test::Unit::Lite::AllTests)
perl(Test::Unit::Result) perl(Test::Unit::TestCase)
 perl(Test::Unit::TestRunner) perl(Test::Unit::TestSuite)

Requires: perl >= 0:5.006 perl(Carp) perl(Cwd) perl(Exporter)
perl(File::Basename) perl(File::Copy) perl(File::Find) perl(File::Path)
perl(File::Spec) perl(Symbol) perl(base) perl(strict) perl(warnings)

1) Take care to remove BR:perl before committing to cvs

Another thing, I see META.yml specifies which provides: this package should
provide which this package already providing so I see no filter required here.


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