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--- Comment #2 from Tom "spot" Callaway <>  2009-02-04 
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> ? Multiple different families are in the same upstream archive.  They share a
> release date, but the subpackages have different Versions.  Additionally, as
> stated above, one of the font families has a different license.  Can you check
> with upstream about splitting these into one-archive-per-family?  It would
> probably be better to split at least the one non-GPL font into a different
> archive, and probably a different SRPM altogether.

I can check, but that would effectively be 15 zip files instead of just one. If
it were me, I wouldn't do it. :)

Upstream is probably unaware of the GPL incompatibility with the Bitstream Vera
derived font. Font licensing compatibility is poorly understood.

> + Each family is in a separate subpackage.
> + naming follows projectname-fontfamilyname-fonts
> - SHOULD be built from sources, but font spec template says "For GPLed or
> LGPLed fonts this is required by the license."  %build section is empty.  Is
> TTF the preferred source for modifying/building these fonts?  If not, where is
> the source?

TTF is typically the preferred source for modifying fonts, with tools like

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