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--- Comment #19 from Dodji Seketeli <>  2009-02-05 16:10:21 EDT 
> This library actually calls exit() in the library (e.g.
> source/names.c). This is unusual situation. Usually when some unexpected
> behavior happens in a function in a library, the function should
> return a value which tells the error or so and should call
> exit() ($ rpmlint -I shared-lib-calls-exit shows the explanation).

> Would you contact upstream?

Yes, sure. Though is this a blocker for the package to be sponsored ? I mean
this is typically something that can be fixed in a subsequent upstream release.
The reason why I am being a bit dense on this is that there are lots of exit()
calls in the library and changing those would require some real API design
changes. Otherwise, I would have provided a patch myself already.

I will batch forward this issue to upstream with the patch when you approve it.

Thanks for your time.

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