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Summary: Review Request: lesstif - OSF/Motif(R) library clone

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> I am now packaging it as an openmotif replacement.
FE package MUST NOT replace FC packages.

1. Unless openmotif is formally discontinued in Core, you MUST NOT do this.

2. Lesstif is not ABI compatible to OpenMotif, so you are breaking all Motif
based apps in FE, once this package should be released.

> And there is certainly no need for the 1.x api.
Who sais that?

1. There still exist tons of Motif-1.x SW.

2. The Motif-2.x API (==OpenMotif) has changed and extended many times. 
Lesstif hardly has any chance to follow up these changes, because it's a clone
and OpenMotif is the master.

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