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--- Comment #3 from Hans de Goede <>  2009-02-10 03:14:23 
EDT ---
With that said, and hopefully made very clear! I would like to review this
package as I think it is great that someone is working on moving packages from
planetccrma into Fedora proper.

The Epoch is fine, but with the other 2 issues I have to side with Ralf, using
"AutoProv: no" is not acceptable, your package will miss essential requires and
adding them manually is error prone and will break when the soname's of
libraries you use change (and you do a rebuild). The correct solution here is
to use filtering of the generated provides as explained in the previous review

Also the warnings are serious and need fixing, Ralf has already explained how
(replace "%d" with "%zd"), let me know if there are other warnings which you
need help fixing.

Can you please do a new revision with these 2 issues fixed? then I'll do a full

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