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--- Comment #16 from Robert Scheck <>  2009-02-12 
03:00:55 EDT ---
I won't go into that more. You know my points and for the rest I mostly
agree with Hans until now (especially when looking to bug #484591). From
the technical point, Ralf pointed same things out as Hans did (ignoring
epoch difference). Hans used a few more words, but nothing else. Finally,
no need for me and you to tell things twice, my thinking is very closed 
to Hans' ones until now.

Possibilities to filter out unwanted dependencies by not using AutoReqProv:
are on the Fedora wiki for a long time now. Ever consumed that Guideline
before this bug report? Seemingly not and yes, you were not pointed to it
in this bug report. But a thing which could get improved on both sides...

Ralf is maybe not liked that much by multiple/several persons or whatelse,
but I'm pretty sure, if you would asked him nicely, would have provided you
a patch solving the 64 bit things (even if i's just debug stuff) which you
could send to upstream.

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