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--- Comment #19 from Remi Collet <>  2009-02-14 
03:06:58 EDT ---
Notes :

Typo error in %preun Satellite
obmSatellite -> obm-satellite

Why the mysql subpackage requires obm main package ?
Shouldn't we be able to install the database on a different server than the UI

A solution is to make obm  a meta package to install all the component at the
same time (including database and SGBD, what most user need), and a subpackage
for the UI (for expert users who want to split installation).

It could be a good idea to have a separate package for Artichow lib to avoid
multiple installation.

License for Artichow is "Public Domain"

/etc/obm : owned by obm and obm-config
/etc/obm-satellite : not owned

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