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for this to be ready for Fedora 10. So if you need to use Fedora 10
as a host, then KVM is your only viable option at this time. If
you can wait for Fedora 11 (or use RHEL-5 / CentOS-5) then Xen may
be an option for you. I'll let other people comment on the pros/cons
of Xen vs KVM outside the kernel availability issue.
Aren't you planning to extend the lifecycle of Fedora 8 as the last available version with dom0 support?

Extending the Fedora 8 lifecycle would impose an extra support burden on all Fedora package maintainers that is not really practical. If you
need a long term deployable Xen host, then really you should be looking
at RHEL-5 or CentOS-5 depending on whether you need commercial support (RHEL) or not (CentOS).

is there a way to do a upgrade from fedora 8 to RHEL5 or CentOS with the dvdrom of the distribution ?

and as I ask about transition from one distribution to another, Is it possible to upgrade in the other side from CentOS-5 to fedora 9 or 10 ?

thanks in advance

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