to finish my thought....these farmers will post their property to protect their cats..

I know some people involved in the Trap, Neuter, and Release progtram 
here. They are always advertising for homes for these ferals and many 
of them go to family farms.

Bonnie in WI

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Unless you can find a VERY safe place for the ferals and be sure 
there's someone to take care of them, I tend to agree with PETA.  
Even if the ferals have someone 'watching out' for them, I'm sure 
many of them are killed by dogs, hit by cars, shot, etc.... I 
think it's a very rough life for most ferals and in many cases it 
would have been better to put them to sleep.  I see their point of 

I can not believe PETA!!!!!!!  They used to be known as the most 
radical animal rights group around (at the time that I did belong 
to them).  This is welfarism at its very, very worst.  How can a 
group that says it is an animal rights group advocate catching and 
killing animals? Isn't the right to live out your life without 
being killed the most basic of rights? Without that right, what 
good is any other? They are insane.  I stopped contributing to 
them years ago based on other stances they took that I thought 
were crazy, but their position on ferals tops the cake.


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