I think there has been discusion of this...but isn't it posible for the FeLV vaccine which these kitties had,
to cause a false pos for some short period of time...Can this be the case here ???

catatonya wrote:
I am forwarding this to a leukemia group where you can get more information.

"Rebecca Morris (FLG)" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:



I took in two cats a week ago Saturday.  This lady’s mom could no longer care for the cats, and the lady didn’t like cats but wanted to find them homes.  She had them s/n and got their shots (feline leuk/distemper and rabies) but did not get them tested.  I had them both tested last Monday and they both came up very very light positive for feline leukemia.  They are mother and son (so I’m told) but apparently that’s not how it was passed or they would have shown up darker.  The mom is 2 yrs. old, a silver tabby with white feet.  She’s a little shy and can be bossy with the son.  The boy is about 8-9 months old, blue and white.  He has these huge green eyes and gorgeous white coloring on his feet, belly and nose.  The boy is very personable and sweet.


Our rescue group is a small, two foster home facility.  In getting ready for kitten season, I don’t have much of a choice but to have them PTS.  To give them the benefit of the doubt, I am holding them for a month and I’ll have them re-tested.  I don’t know much about feline leukemia, but I know you can use interferon injections and it can kill the virus over time.  I think you get them tested every six weeks.  It has about a 65% success rate I think.  The medicine costs about $25/bottle which will treat 2 cats for 6 weeks.  I would be more than happy to buy the interferon and syringes if anyone can foster them until they are negative.  I will also pay up to $20 for the tests/each (we pay $16 at our vet).


Anyone up for this or know someone who might be?  You would have to keep these cats totally separate from any other cats, even if they have been vaccinated.  The virus is spread through bodily fluids (fighting, litterbox, eating and drinking, cleaning eachother, etc.).  Please contact me by phone or email if you have any suggestions.  Photos are available upon request.


I am on digest, so if you need an immediate response please email me directly or give me a call.  Thank you!



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