Thankyou Nina for the kind words..
Momma is doing quit well...The kitten was always wabbly on her feet and held her head at an angle all the time so she had some problems...But I had just started to believe that she might make it for a while...
She knew that I was trying to make her better and the last while she would come right to me when ever I came in the room and ofcoarse I gave her special lovings...
Its been fun having Momma and watching the progress..Even though I have not yet been able to touch her she knows that I bring food and she will be right under my feet but if I so much as look at her she runs...
If I sit very still she will come out and is very playful with one of the boys that is about her age...She made friends with all the cats in the room in no time at all...And she is very talkative with them..This blows the theroy the I have heard that meowing is for humans only, out of the water....And that ferals don't know how to play...And rubbing and head buts...All my other cats are strays that very much wanted to have a human again and she watches very closly...When they play chasing games my boy has learned that she is afraid to get to close to me so ofcoarse the boy runs over me...She has progress to running over my lower half but if he stops by my head she stops and staires from a few feet away....
She also has put on a lot of weight and her fur is so much nicer than it was and she isn't trying to get outside anymore so we are getting there...

Nina wrote:
Tad, I'm sorry to hear about Baby.  I remember when you got Momma and her, and the story of her poor brother. I've kept you and those angel in my thoughts and prayers and so hoped they were doing well.  It makes it that much tougher when they finally start to trust you, and she was a cuddler too!  I know how much you wanted her to stay healthy and live a long, long time.  Sweet little angel.  Thank God you were there to fill the time she had with love and safety.  How's her momma doing?
Sending you love and sympathy,

Tad Burnett wrote:

Steve  It is so sad to loose our kittens when they are so young...
I lost my Baby Kitty today too..They are together at the Bridgr now..
I got her about 3 months ago with her mother..They were both trapped
and brought in to be spayed and released..They were feral kitties...
When the tested FeLV+ I stepped in and saved their lives for that day...
The little boy kitten that was trapped with them was PTS before I had
a chance to get him...
Baby was always not real healthy but seemed to do well for a while
but then started getting sick..Along with getting sick she began to trust me
so that I could give her special foods and she had started to look so much better
and became a real snuggle bug but until lastnight she was eating well on her
own but lastnight she only ate a little and this morning I had to feed her with
a dropper and then she ran off and hid...Finaly tonight I found her but she had
passed on...It came quickly for her and that is good but its quit a shock
for me becouse she seemed to be doing so well...
That makes 3 out of 3 kittens that have tested pos at 3 months or younger
that have passed on under a year...I have 7 others that were older and they
are still doing well...But thats the way it is...


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